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Version 1.22 is coming out

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With this release, we have translated the game in French, Russian, Italian, and Spanish, we have added more animations for Max, our little mascot, and we also have introduced new skins (visible on new games).

We also have made a major fix on the sensitivity of the spots on the outer edges.

Got fill that grid !

Version 1.20 is out! Yay!

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Apple has graciously accepted to expedite the review of our new submission, as we were left in a very delicate situation with our previous release, who had a fairly crippling bug.

We learned our lesson and changed our processes to ensure a better quality control throughout.

This new release comes loaded with great features and improvements: better scoring, better Graphical Interface, Social Sharing (brag about that high score of yours!), and some more discreet improvements.

Go try it!

Version 1.10 has a bug :(

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After 8 days of waiting from Apple to review our update, we have released the version 1.10. To our horror, it turned out to be a buggy release. ¬†We submitted a revised version (1.20) to Apple and begged them to expedite the process. Now we’re back in a fully functional app!